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Royston Youth Action

Royston Youth Action is passionate about helping people to realise the innate potential that exists within them.  We are firm in the belief that this is an educational process based on dialogue and relationships. All too often society  undervalue this generic relationship based approach. 

The needs in the community and among young people within the Royston area are numerous. It is also recognised that individual needs change over time as the individual progresses.  The organisation believes that the best way to respond to these needs is through an ongoing process of developing relationships.

The organisation is committed to enabling the people of Royston to identify and meet their own needs through dialogue and self-help.  As a community organisation, this is the local response to the needs of the community and of young people.  The vision is to have a strong organisation that builds on its successes, supporting the development of individuals through a process of empowerment underpinned by education and experience.  Our strength is in the community, in the deepening understanding and effectiveness of our management committee, our volunteers, our staff and our young people.  

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Our 12 Months 12 Acts of Kindness volunteers walking for Glasgow Children's Hospital Charity