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Youths Activities

We deliver a wide range of educational, cultural, social and physical programmes and workshops to a large number of young people. We work with those who are aged 1st year and up and all are welcome to join our project.

Some of the sessions we provide include; weekend youth club drop in sessions, accredited awards such as Duke Of Edinburgh Award and Youth Achievement awards, life skills and citizenship workshops, one to one support and mentoring, study skills and homework club, sports club and indoor and outdoor physical activities, arts and music and cultural sessions and projects, trips and residentials and youth exchange trips abroad, school holiday programmes and also opportunities for volunteering and being a part of our youth forum.

Monday evening – S1/S2 Drop In 6.30 – 8pm

Youth Club for S1 and S2

Boys Health Group 6.30 – 8.00pm

Will cover whatever the boys are wanting to discuss.  Guest speakers will be attending to share their experiences.

Tuesday – Book Club

  5pm – 6pm.  All welcome.

Suggestions for books to be sent to

Wednesday 6.30 – 7.30pm – Girls Health Group Thursday – Youth Club – Workshop evening 6-9pm

Our Thursday nights consists of several different, diverse and dynamic workshops being delivered focusing on an abundance of different social and cultural issues that local young people may potentially face.

Some workshops run simultaneously and others for a scheduled number of weeks working on specific outcomes. Some of these are Youth Dynamic/Youth Achievement. An award based workshop focused on young people setting and achieving personal challenges and gaining an accreditation out of it. Others such as Duke of Edinburgh, Drugs and Alcohol, Drama, art and music are all continuously being rolled out to allow young people to get as much as they can from these evenings.

Friday 4.30 – 5.30pm Inclusive and Equality Group Friday- Youth Club 5.45 – 7.45 S1, S2 and S3

Fridays and Saturdays nights are aimed at getting young people active within the club and keeping them off the streets. Creating a space that is allowing them to have a place where they can come and be themselves. Young people can come and play games in the main hall or chill out in our comfy room.

Having these drop ins allow staff and young people a chance to build a working relationship and can have an abundance of relevant chats. These clubs allow us to keep supporting and mentoring young people with a variety of issues. 

Friday Youth Club 8pm – 10pm S4+ One on One support and monitoring

Available anytime

12 months 12 Acts of Kindness Project

Contact Jane for details

Autumn/Winter Programme 2019

Youth Activities

We aim to provide facilities for recreation, education or leisure time for young people, children and families residing or working in our area of operation.
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